HSK is an international standardized Chinese language test that measures the language proficiency of people who want to study or work in environments where Chinese is used as a language of communication. HSK identifies six proficiency levels, from HSK 1 to HSK6.

Chinese learners can take the test at Chinese Center of John Naisbitt University, organized by our partner, Confucius Institute at the University of Novi Sad, which will be held on December 4th. You can come to the Chinese Center offices (located at Bulevar Umetnosti 29 in Belgrade) and register yourself with the help of Professor Su, or if you need any additional information and assistance, you can reach Professor Su via email suyuanyuansyy@gmail.com . You can also register online by visiting the Chinese testing service website (www.chinesetest.cn). Please keep in mind that the online registration deadline is November 7th.

With the HSK certificate, students aged from 16 to 35 will have the chance to apply for Confucius Institute Scholarship to further their Chinese learning in China.

The test results are valid in a long term, whereas the test result is valid within two years (from the date when the test was taken) when applying to Chinese universities and colleges.

Prices for each level are:

HSK 1 is 10 EUR

HSK 2 is 15 EUR

HSK 3 is 20 EUR

HSK 4 is 25 EUR

HSK 5 is 30 EUR

HSK 6 is 35 EUR